Sunday, February 3, 2008

London's Run

Yesterday, February 2, 2008, I was able to participate in my first 10k road race. This was a test of sorts to see how my training was progressing for my next goal of running a half-marathon. My brother Shad told me about London's Run a couple months back so I decided to enter. I almost didn't make it due to coming down with a sinus cold on Thursday but I figured I would try to tough it out.

Saturday morning was cold and it was even colder at Schnepf Farms where the race was held. My car thermostat said that it was 37 degrees at race time (around 8:30 am)! I know that isn't all that cold if you're in Utah but my blood has thinned out living in the Arizona desert. I was also a bit intimidated by all the serious-looking runners that I encountered Saturday morning. Most of the runners looked the part and I only hoped to not embarrass myself.

Due to various conflicts, my family was not able to attend this event and cheer me. So at least I could make up a good story if something weird did happen. I ended up finishing 49 out of 410 runners who competed in the 10k race running the course in 51:02. My goal was to finish in the top 50 and to be under 55 minutes so I was pretty happy with where I finished considering I had been sick and I hadn't run any races before. You can see a picture of me running at the following web page.

So now to the next goal: the half-marathon. Some of my family members are running in the Canyonlands race in Moab, UT next month. I would have liked to join them but we had a schedule conflict so my plan is to find a local race to run in or to at least run the distance in the gym. I have really begun to enjoy running. I especially like being able to set goals and then see how I match up to those goals. It is very rewarding and motivating so I plan to continue.