Monday, July 28, 2008

Right on Track

My training program has picked up the past couple weeks. My long runs are getting longer and my total mileage each week is increasing. I am both excited by this and a bit apprehensive since this type of training is completely foreign to me.

Recap of this past week:

Monday - 4 mile run
Tuesday - 7 mile run
Wednesday - 4 mile run
Thursday - rest
Friday - 7 mile run
Saturday - 15 mile run
Sunday - rest

My Saturday run was made more interesting because our family decided to go camping on Friday night. We didn't get back into town until after 6 pm and the temperature was still above 100 degrees. After unloading gear and getting things settled at home, I headed to the gym to try and log as many miles on the treadmill as I could before they closed at 9 pm. I was able to complete 12 miles and then I headed home where I grabbed my GPS and completed the last 3 miles on the road.

I am a bit concerned about a slight injury I suffered this week when I was working out with my son Jordan on Tuesday evening. We were running suicides or ladders at the local junior high school and I strained a ligament behind my right knee. So far it hasn't been too much of a hinderance but I do feel it from time to time on my runs, primarily during the first half-mile. I'm hoping that it will heal while still allowing me to continue my training runs. This getting old thing is for the birds!! I get injuries that I've never experience before and they seem to take forever to heal. C'est la vie!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Dad??!!

Last night, my son Tanner asked if he could go running with me in the mornings. I told him that it probably wasn't a good idea because I run a lot of miles each day and it might be too much for him right now. Tanner then asked why I was running so much. I said, "Don't you remember? I'm training to run in the St. George Marathon in October. It's a race that's 26.2 miles long and so I have to practise running longer and longer distances." Trevor, my six year old, then asked, "WHY Dad???!!!" (Imagine him using a total "What are you. . . crazy or something?" voice.) Very funny!!

I tried to explain the history of the marathon race thinking that might help explain why someone would train to run a race of this distance. After I concluded my story, one of the kids asked, "So WHY are you running in this race? The race that some guy died in?" I have to admit, there have been moments that I have asked the exact same question!